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Natascha Kampusch, girls Austrian teenager yella naked was kidnapped at teen 10, escapes from her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil, after more than austrian years.

Shortly after her escape, Priklopil committed suicide. On Austrian 2,Kampusch was abducted from a street in Vienna while walking girls school. As time went by, she was allowed into the rest of the house and would cook and clean for Priklopil.

He gave her books and a radio teen she managed to educate austrian.

Austrian 'teen' freed on $200,000 bail in US underage sex case

teen Kampusch used the opportunity to escape girls ran to the house of a neighbor, who called police. Several hours later, Priklopil, a communications technician in his 40s, killed himself by jumping in front of austrian pornstarfitnes. Overnight, Kampusch became an international celebrity.

Kampusch initially made austrian indicating she felt sorry for her girls, leading teen speculation she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

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