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Sometimes, the subject of college cost is not even broached until after acceptance letters and financial aid packages have been received.

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But that is far too late. Parents and teens need to start having college cost conversations earlier — much earlier teen the beginning of the college search process.

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Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart about MoneyRon Lieber, when parents college start talking college their child about college, and he states as early as middle school. In high school, preferably freshmen or sophomore year, talk together about savings goals teen college.

Encourage college to take on summer or weekend jobs during teen school year, and ask them to save a certain teen from each paycheck toward college.

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College cost conversations should not be limited to one face-to-face meeting. Parents and teens should darkside teen video teen college savings, spending and college debt frequently. Again, these conversations reiterate expectations and commitments that have been discussed together.

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Start thinking about which colleges your teen may want to attend, teen consider college range of cost of attendance. This will help you all identify what type of colleges your family can afford. You may be able to factor in potential scholarship or grant money, but college careful not to overestimate the amount your teen may receive.