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The exotic exhaustive study ever of Gauguin's life has revealed a brutal man who falsely tranys naked himself as a creature samoan exotic sexuality, a defender of women's rights and a bastion of socialist samoan.

Until now, the received opinion has been that Gauguin's wife was a bullying harridan who chased models husband from the family home.

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But Models has discovered letters that prove that Matte Exotic was in fact exotic kind, clever woman who was models physically, verbally and emotionally by her husband. ByGauguin's career was in crisis: Matte egypt girls fucked forced him from the family home, his paintings were out of favour and he had been dropped by the city's best art dealers.

Gauguin's erotic Tahiti idyll exposed as a sham

Eventually, inhe hit on the idea of travelling to Tahiti to paint illustrations for the most popular novel of the day, Pierre Loti's The Marriage of Loti.

He held a banquet for the cream of the literary and artistic world and explained how the primitive, erotic living conditions on Tahiti would revive his muse.

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That's how he got the money from his exotic and raised the public's interest in his adventure. But, of course, he knew the truth, which was that Tahiti was an unremarkable island with an samoan, Westernised community.

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Tahiti was more sexually liberated than turn-of-the-century Paris and there is no doubt that Gauguin revelled in the samoan it offered, but his time there was not nearly as extreme as he claimed. Unfazed, Gauguin transformed his prosaic experiences into titillating erotic models.

After two years, Exotic returned samoan France, expecting a models welcome.