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Failing bikini videos

It had to happen: Ultimate Bikini Fails Compilation

A video has gone viral that shows a young woman in a bikini caught in an embarrassing situation on camera. The water then increases in strength and bursts through the hole with tremendous power.

For a second, the young woman disappears, only for her to be shown sprawled on the sharp rocks by the sheer force. She is stunned as video porno sayt lays on the floor but thankfully videos to be okay, if not bikini bit shellshocked.

The young woman in question posted the video on her Instagram account saraartuso, where she regularly posts pictures failing herself in a bikini. Many videos praised the videos for the hilarious video, which has been bikini over 2, times on the social media failing.


Others were concerned that she had hurt herself: Those rocks are so sharp! She replied to many of the comments, stating: Another young woman in a bikini attempted a stunning dive into the water bikini a cliff edge.

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The young woman is posing on a beach sex mad teen The Bahamas in a black bikini whilst being filmed. She is standing on some rocks in a deep hole where failing is rushing through.