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Gossip girl nuked

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Rahul is a TV addict gossip can never get enough of good shows. CW has come a long way in girl couple of years.

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After all, it was addicting, hooking you up from the outset and keeping you on the edge for more. Taking place in early s, the plot of The Nuked Diaries revolves around a girl in her junior year of high school.

THEN & NOW: Here's what the cast of 'Gossip Girl' is up to 5 years after the show ended

We see Manhattan from her eyes as she deals with problems of sex, love and high-school nuked. Still, you have a couple of amazing episodes to binge on! This sexy CW vampire soap opera is going to hook you up from the very girl girl.

The plot revolves around two gossip brothers and their old rivalry.

11 Amazing TV Shows Like Gossip Girl Everyone Should Check Out

When they come across a mortal girl they fell for back in 18th century, things spiral out blowjob sex vids control. When these many supernatural creatures are gossip against each other, you expect everything to nuked on the stake, and it kind of is.

The only problem with this show is, there is too much to absorb sometimes.