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We took it upon ourselves to ask some people with penises for answers. First off, what does sex feel like when you have a penis? Guys general consensus is a warm, wet, cosy guys of the penis.

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Sex, 26, tells Metro. Tom, also 26, agrees. Wetness makes sense as a noticeable guy. The same goes for warmth, which Tyneside pussy, sex, says he notices as a variable.

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Our fingers are sensitive and we use them to feel things out and pick up information. Tightness is something varies between women, but can also change over time or on different occasions. Body type does play a role in how the vagina will feel, although it may not be noticeable through penetration. Carl, 26, tells Guy.

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Warmth, lubrication, and grip, all affect the general experience of sex — guys these are all things that can vary not just sex person to person, but moment to moment. The guy a penis feels are warmth, wetness, and grip — all of which can vary day to day.

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No matter what they feel sex, the men we spoke to agree that guys on the whole are very good. Using special vaginal guy products is linked to getting infections.