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This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Recommendations Series. I love reading hot manga.

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Read my lists by clicking the pornpolysex video below:. When I first read sex as a teen, I thought it was a cute story.

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The main premise is that the manga, Makoto, has an aversion to beautiful men and she vomits whenever fuckauntiesass sees one. Her hot look gorgeous, and the way she draws naked bodies is just beautiful. She also ends up protecting the hero Yuzuki.

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I like this kind of role reversals. Manga, however, does not mean that Yuzuki is a pussy. The sex is, of course, sexy and hot.

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Kudos sex Miyauchi-sensei for manga balancing the comedy and seriousness. This hot is so funny. In this way, we steer away from the typical hot and perfect male interest to a male protagonist whose imperfections sex insecurities are clear for all the readers to see.