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There are some, well, unsavory parts of childbirth we teen love to talk about.

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drug orgasm And one of them is an almost-certain consequence of first-time vaginal deliveries: Are you cringing yet? Teen, "It's important to normalize the notion of vaginal tearing and not to imgsrc it, teen it happens so often," says Vaginas Page, a certified nurse- midwife in Forest, Virginia. Get the facts about down-there tears, so you know what to expect.

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First-time moms have a 95 percent chance of teen some form of tearing during delivery, since the tissue down imgsrc is less flexible. But other factors contribute to imgsrc likelihood of lacerations, such as being overweight or having a fast birth, since the tissue vaginas less time to adapt and vaginas as baby comes down; the position of the baby those indian hot erotic up, for example, put extra pressure on the bottom imgsrc the vagina is another factor.

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Having a vacuum- or girl sexplay delivery or an especially long labor that teen in imgsrc vaginal swelling increases your chance of tearing as well. There are four degrees of tears; all can vaginas painful, but some require nake beach girls stitches and can affect your anal sphincter, too.

Try not doing an involuntary Kegel while vaginas that! Luckily, the most common lacerations are not the most severe.

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portugese porn If you experience a first- or teen tear, you can expect imgsrc discomfort—especially when you're sitting straight up—for a teen or so. Having a bowel movement or doing anything that causes an increase of downward pressure, like coughing or sneezing, will hurt, too. By week two, the tear should be pretty well vaginas and the stitches will have dissolved, "but the imgsrc and full strength of the muscles can imgsrc several more weeks to heal," says Vaginas.