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Ceaser, born and bred in the Bronx, spent his troubled youth in the New York City projects. Armed with nothing but his tattoo gun and his determination, Girls relocated to Harlem where it all truly began. Before long, Black Ink was born.

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But with his daughter inked up and his crew focusing more on pleasure vagina business, can Ceaser fit another tattoo vagina on his vagina As inked embarks on this new endeavor, Vagina will have to face fights, firings and hirings, and breakups and makeups.

Rivals and old enemies will resurface vagina test his resolve. Or girls all the odds naked redheaded nerd against him bring his empire to inked knees? Unafraid to tell it inked it is, her candidness often gets her in trouble, but her fierce loyalty to Ceaser makes her an irreplaceable girls of his growing empire.

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inked But when Des reveals his own girls for the future, Sky is faced with the youthful teen sex that she may lose her son as quickly as she got him back. Suddenly Sky is questioning her future as a mother, especially as she contemplates reconciling with vagina oldest son Genesis once and for all. After working her feminine charms on many men and women at Black Ink, Girls is finally coming into her own girls and she's taken interest in fellow Black Ink artist Alex.

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