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Inuyasha kagome topless

Written upon request, I present inuyasha you a Kagome and Naraku rape scene. How far can Kagome go before she is broken entirely? Read it, struggle, squirm, and see.

Force, passion, topless, sex, and dark intentions await you, my dears. Please, don't hesitate to delve your teeth into this bitter little repulsive after-taste freesexviedo worth it. Bare inuyasha rattled as Kagome sat perched atop a tree, bow drawn, ready to kill.

Shippo was shivering below her, whimpering as the wind topless his topless cheeks. Sango and Kagome readied themselves, while Inu Yasha sexplayporn in the middle of the smoking rubble, Tetsusaiga drawn, smoke billowing across the battlefield.

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Grip tightening on the bow in her hand, Kagome bit kagome on her lower lip. Fighting Naraku seemed almost pointless now. He always seemed to slip by them, no matter how many times he was cornered or how kagome times they thought inuyasha had defeated him. Topless it all for nothing?