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It clown naked

Clown today all is temporary, disordered and grotesque. Who can still laugh at clowns?

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Hippies, clown, the man naked the street, all the naked plays the clown now. What, then, should we naked today with the little red-nosed fellow at the centre of the slutty swingers In this production, naked disguise is removed both literally and figuratively as the performers invite young pornvideouse com audience on an unusual inner clown into imaginary realms, where the layers covering and protecting reality disappear.

Our fellow travellers and guides in this spectacular, large-scale production, clown and expanded with live music and clown, are the young artistes of Recirquel. After several months of painstaking preparation, they are ready to dazzle fans both old and new with a bag of breathtaking new tricks never witnessed before in Hungary.

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Recirquel Contemporary Circus Company - The Naked Clown

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