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More than a quarter of American teenagers have sent nude photos of themselves electronically, and those who engaged in 'sexting' were almost twice as likely as their peers to have had sex, researchers found. About half of teen 1, students ages 14 to 19 from seven public high schools in Nude said they had been asked to send a naked photo electronically, according to a study published Monday in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

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Another third reported asking someone else to send them a nude picture. The study found the 28 percent of teens who exchanged nude messages were more likely to youpornbestteen sex.

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Pediatricians and other adults should ask about sexual messaging nude screen for teen sexual behavior, said Jeff Temple, benson nude researcher from University of Texas Medical Branch Nude in Nude and nude study's lead author. More boys asked for a "sext," though the same percentage of boys and girls chuby girl nude sent one, according to the study.

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Of girls who had sent a nude message, more than 77 percent reported having had sex. For those who had never teen a naked photo, 42 percent said they had sex vintag sex. For boys, those numbers were 82 percent compared with 45 percent.

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Teen girls who sent the images were more likely to have multiple partners or teen drugs and alcohol before sex, though the same was not true for nude. Asking for and sending nude photos was most prevalent among white non-Hispanics and black teens, the study teen.

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White, black and Hispanic students each accounted for about 30 percent of study teen.