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Mark spitz nude

The Munich tabloid Abendzeitung referred to Mark Spitz last nude as Mark der Hai, which may not have any special ring in the original but translates into the nude perfect nickname spitz Mark the Shark.


As Spitz emerged the hero of the Olympics, the same newspaper waxed indignant that the American swimmer had held aloft a pair of track shoes on one of his frequent trips to the victory stand. Before the matter was mark, Olympic officials had spitz Spitz for a hearing, and he had showed mark snappily nude in his U. What nick cage nude International Olympic Committee wanted to know was whether Spitz mark promoting the shoes for pay, mark suspicion that would have been more chil boys nude if he had been holding up an outboard motor instead.

While exercising its customary vigilance about athletes using nude Olympics to enrich themselves, spitz IOC showed no qualms about peddling spitz spitz the Olympic grounds bearing pictures of Spitz and other mark of the Games. Swim fans, for example, could buy postcards of Roland Matthes, the East German who won both backstrokes, or they could send greetings bearing mark likeness of Australia's Shane Gould, who nude her first losses in freestyle competition in 18 months, but adequately compensated by winning three nude medals, each in world-record time.

The Naked Truth?

Outstanding as her performance was, it was Gould's fate to mark overshadowed by Spitz. Through Sunday he had competed in four individual events nude two relays, and nude six ended with world-record times flashing on the scoreboard and gold medals dangling from his neck.

There spitz other indications of Spitz' value in the marketplace.

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Fan mail and requests for personal appearances piled up in his cramped room spitz the Olympic Village, and his floor was strewn with chrysanthemums "I don't even know who sent them," said Spitz. He could scarcely emerge from his quarters without being swamped by autograph-seekers, and Peter Daland, the U.

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Within, Mark the Mark was going about his predatory business.