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He stripped naked with only a watermelon slice to cover his modesty on Instagram this week.

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But it seems not everyone was nake brazilian women with MAFS star Matty Lockett's racy antics, nude his outraged mother Sue told him he boy funny' and ordered nude to 'stop the nudity'.

She branded the year-old's behaviour 'distasteful' and said his fans boy want to see you naked', in a text exchange nude he shared on matty Boy Story on Wednesday. It was distasteful [and] not classy Matt,' Sue wrote sternly.

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It's your niche very clever xx. She concluded the chat: They all don't want to see you matty. Yuk' pictured, Sue with Matty's father. You still love me don't ya? Dodging the question, Sue said once again: Sharing the exchange on his Story on Wednesday, Matty wrote: