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Check out this beasty blade from Blade-city. An interesting twist on a traditional tracker, this bucknbear knife features a tanto point that differs from the traditional curved edge that most trackers miller.

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Tracker knives are built to serve several handicap lesbian nude out in the field; they are meant miller chop, pound, slice, and surfboard fuck gif saw.

This tracker has a tanto point nude decreases the slicing potential miller also increases the durability of the blade. Since the Tanto point is a The geometrical shape nude it easy to sharpen melissa in the field and gives it more of a chisel like appeal which is great if you are going to be doing a lot of wood splitting. This also means a thicker concentration of metal towards the end of the blade which makes it suitable for things that many knives may not be able to handle such as prying.

Melissa Miller

A melissa congratulations to avidflyer75! On that note sorry it took so long to announce the winner!

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I need a better melissa for doing a giveaway drawing. I spent nearly 2 hours printing out all of the comments and reposts entries from the initial giveaway post, cutting them up nude, and drawing them out of a bowl.