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Daughter of Kabir and the late Protima Bedi, Pooja talks about bedi show, her parents calling dick tracy being brought up in an unconventional manner.


You've dabbled in theatre and film, written books, been an interior puja, and now a TV hostess. I believe that whatever you do, give it per cent.

Pooja Bedi Explains Why Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photoshoot Might Not Be So Shocking

I didn't choose to be a celebrity daughter; that was a gift. In life, you play the various roles of friend, wife, sister, professional. I have given every role per cent. The experiences in my life have made me better, not bitter.

Protima Bedi

It's terrible to be trapped in a bad marriage. It would be nice if your marriage was forever, but why grudge it for what it was not?

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Why naked cherish it for what it was? Things hurt, of course they do.

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There is so much stigma attached to the term 'divorce.