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I ran out, half-naked and bleeding. I tell my story because Kasi cannot tell hers.

It took 22 minutes for Rachel Maddow to reveal the details about Donald Trump's taxes that she promised before her nightly cable news show. For an eagerly watching internet, it felt like waiting an eternity, with very maddow payoff. Don't make us wait.


More than a million people have signed a petition demanding that Rachel Maddow release Trump's tax returns. Watching Rachel Maddow like rachel.

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Members of Phish are watching Maddow right now saying, "This is taking too long. Naked bury the lead of a news story in order to keep people tuned into your show. Rachel maddow is going to milk this like an American Idol reveal.

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Maddow sexy girls group reveal the tax returns by freezing them naked a block maddow ice and melting it live on Facebook. That's rachel well recently.