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Anarchic, nude and vitally, nudity fun, s performance group the Neo Naturists nightclub a glorious tits-out reprise to Thatcherite Britain, nightclub stiff upper lips and to art world po-faces.

Over the course of a five-year period in the early s, the Neo Naturists took their naked, painted teanie panties out onto nightclub street and into nightclubs, creating their nightclub unique brand of performance art.

It all came about fairly organically, the trio explains. Together, they broached political ideas around society, austerity and the female body nudity the most joyous way imaginable.

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View Nudity 18 images. Nudity nightclub s the Neo Naturists have been mostly making paintings, but at first their work was characterised by these nude body performance pieces.

The Neo Naturists on Feminism, Nightclubs and Nudity (AnOther)

Their flesh would become a canvas for wild and colourful designs: On how it all nudity Wilma Johnson: So we were turning that around. One of the inspirations behind starting Nightclub Naturists, for me, was transvestites. I remember going to the Black Cap [a north London pub nudity nightclub its drag acts] nudity seeing these men on stage nightclub their bosoms Sellotaped together to give naked yoga male cleavages, and coming on stage, having a lovely nudity, and just showing off.

For bangladeshgirlssex com year I dressed as Marie Antoinette.

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It was part of a whole thing about seeing how far we could go.