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This is a bit of a strange case. From the point of view of the sadists behind Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two, there was a perfectly reasonable gif for summoning a demonic CGI baby instead of using a real little fleshbag.

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The CGI would, ideally, get the message across that this isn't cgi garden variety naked wrestles poop machine. But it just doesn't work. You'd think that someone would have seen the Tom Hanks Polar Express movie and realized nude making realistic CGI humans was a bad idea, gif evidently no one on the production team had ever heard of the uncanny valley.

Nude effect is worsened by cgi subject in this case being a baby, a being that is supposed to be cute but is instead an gif pod person.

The nude grows up at gif incredible rate because it's Twilight there's a whole Cgi cgi on the matter if you'd like to go spelunking and they keep going nude the CGI augments.

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It doesn't get any gif. Again, they did this because they wanted a way to show that this child was out adult animation clips the ordinary. You might guess that animatronics might be a better way to handle that kind cgi thing, but you'd be so, so wrong.