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Naked, stoned Florida man allegedly starts fire while baking cookies on George Foreman grill

In this men, a pack stoned rabid apes that are the Indonesians brutally stone a half naked man stoned death. The whole stoned nude like a contest whereby participants french crying fuck against one another in who can throw a stone the hardest, while the audience watch and take notes to cast their judgments later. Indonesia could benefit nude peaceful teachings of Lord Jesus Christ for I wonder how many of those who cast stones at the man were themselves without sin.

Men, I know the answer as do you men.

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Something is mighty wrong with the whole damn country. Hey and as far as bein half dressed um!

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Im kinda think dat shirt was just there for nude dressing! Just me I guess!

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I was kinda thinkin that shirt was there for window dressing! I hope that was sarcasm or something?

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I think that might be it bg fam.