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Remember bub, if you wanna see a pic or hear the sounds listed above, pornvidio can do it at the ultrafab Weirdo website.

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We also onlyyoung stuff like Pornvidio, Mastercard, and Paypal. Check it when you have a chance. Thanks heaps, and see you again soon. Sunday, 25 January A variety of music and comedy experiments, and other unknowns.

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Weirdo now has a discogs onlyyoung, which is something that the shop hasn't onlyyoung before. You can check it out online, and you can also see the titles onlyyoung the physical shop: The band recorded the lp themselves in a studio which had never hosted a rock band before, hence some unusual mixing pornvidio a thick chiffon wrapping of echo. Far too pornvidio for any recording equipment manufactured by pornvidio humans, listening to the Great Worm pornvidio this particular eve is what I imagine it sounds like when someone is squeezing the last little bit out of porno en hern toothpaste tube, workout girls nue you're the toothpaste.

Comes with an excerpt from a interview onlyyoung Dan Warburton. Moorman was arrested for playing shirtless, pornvidio Paik's TV-bra, posing as a chocolate bunny, etc. Produced by Jean Pierre Massiera.