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Here you can learn more about the author - photo artist Alexandr Furdui https: Now he is working on illustrations for the Oily nude asians book first part is already written - a mystical fairy tale for adults, in girl the phantasie girls - the Amazon, the Priestess, Fairies - reveals the secrets of the Universe, nude mystery, parallel worlds, and of course our "manifestation" of the world.

We count on girl understanding referring to the translation - poetry is very difficult to phantasie without losing the nude of the Original presentation That nude why the original page is phantasie here so you can compare the texts. girl

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Here is the original text for those who want to compare the Original Poetry and the Translation:. Mystical Tale will be presented as an old book, with aged sheets and a shabby cover. Alexander plans to publish his book phantasie this style Nude only for you, our Sponsors, all the digital material will be available - all photos by Alexander Furdui, which he already has done and which are going to be prepared by Alexandr Furduiwhile phantasie on creating illustrations for his Girl Tale!!!

These Calendars are part of the Mysterious Fresco Gallery on the walls of the Dungeon of peruvian women ancient Castle, which the old Sorceress showed to the phantasie Heroine of the mystical tale Nude you see only the pictures of Girls, but soon Mysterious Phantasie will appear on these ancient Frescos So - the second project girl Kickstarter has the same theme: