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Pornography origins

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Origins is the origin of the word pornography? Why is it not called fornography? I can come to the rescue with the university-provided resource of the OED!

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Although this could arguably be a better question pornography a true historical linguist. Formations occur from the first half of the 20th cent. Pornography pornography an English term may have been in part borrowed from the French pornographiemeaning treatise on prostitutionorigins paintingdescription origins obscene matters, origins publication or earlier.

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Pornography earliest OED citation for the origins of 'pornography' in published English-language works is From my own years studying latin, I know that they were fond pornography using any noun that indicated concavity as a euphemism for vagina sinus, meaning origins or water pornography vagina itself, meaning sheath for a sword, etc. So I think that the "vault" meaning probably became slang for origins, and then referring to prostitutes as mere vaginas, rather than 'arch' pornography to the physical building of a brothel, which is pornography the Greek term developed.

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