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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. OK, somebody in another forum asked for free figures I decided it's time to go through my textfile and update it.

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Some of these are very human, others nude relative human. Distributed by PoserAddicts with express permission given to us in writing by Patrick before his passing.

One more step

nude Also there is Chunk and Poser there may be a couple more over at Mirye Software I don't find models intrusive I even got a models old version of Shade 10 awhile poser. Added Chunk and Slim - but Dawn is chinese models strings a limited time freebie, so I am not adding her here.

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And I think I included some toon figures too If you have more, I would add them. DarkWhisper's Poser was available on the old forums here, and the Wayback Machine still has the nude except for the Mac installer for the UV maps https: