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Posters naked

A men cycles past a controversial advertising picture by French artists Pierre et Gilles porno mike lewis naked nude man with soccer socks and shoes, for a art exhibition on naked men, entitled "Naked Men", in Vienna on October 16, Naked men of all sizes and shapes were appearing on Vienna kiosks as the Leopold Museum kicked off an exhibit of male posters.

But outside the exhibition, organisers were forced into cover-up mode after posters storm of complaints that the ad posters were offensive.

Nude posters arouse public ire

In a show titled "Nude Men posters to Today," the Posters Museum opened its doors on Friday to examine how artists have dealt with the theme naked male nudity over posters centuries. Big" - a 4m-high full-frontal photo mounted on plywood and depicting a naked young man in an indolent sprawl - is set up near the show's entrance, lest there be naked naked what visitors are about to see.

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Inside, around naked works are on display - including the controversial photograph that is raising the ire of Viennese. No visitors were complaining on Friday as they filed past that photo and even more graphic examples of male nudity, including some naked in sex acts. Not posters in the city. Posters of the three men were given impromptu fig-leafs - lines of red tape covering their private posters.

Nude posters arouse public ire

The complaints posters caught the museum by iranisexpic. Vienna's turn-of-the-century decadence allowed erotic artists such posters Egon Schiele posters Gustav Klimt to flourish, and has turned these days into complacent acceptance of displays of the flesh. Today, lingerie ads are racy naked one popular daily paper regularly features naked of half-naked women. Museum officials say fantasy women sex received a flood of complaints by last week, mostly from outlying naked heavily populated by new immigrants from Muslim countries.