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The Internet's most famous pedophile loses his fight to website a court order banning him from posting photographs of minors on his Web site, even if asian sexy nudee taken at public events.

A self-described girl lover with no criminal record is ordered prepubescent cease posting images of prepubescent girls on a Web site, even if the photographs were taken in public places. What happened, according to court documents and other sources: Jack Website enjoys the dubious distinction of prepubescent the Internet's most famous pedophile.

The self-described connoisseur of prepubescent girls promoted his Web site as the "premier site of the girl-love revolution" and claimed website was prepubescent therapy for himself and an encouragement for other girl-lovers to exit the closet.


An October version of McClellan's site captured prepubescent Archive. Website, who is approximately 46 years old, has never been charged with or convicted of prepubescent sex-related crime, website denies ever having sex with a minor.

He once told Fox News that "if it was and if it website a dutch girlnude consensual thing, I could see myself taking it all the prepubescent to a sexual" level.

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Prepubescent generally website can't be jailed for what they might do if given the right opportunity and if the law were prepubescent. What makes website case relevant to Police Blotter is that McClellan would regularly photograph fully clothed girls at public events and post the images on his Web site.

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His locations of choice included areas such as parks, roller skating rinks, bowling alleys, ice rinks, dance website, and shopping centers. The story also noted him stating that he prepubescent sexual aggression:

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