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Redheaded blonde

You may be surprised to learn that some of our favorite celebrity redheads redheaded dabbled as blondes.

7 Celeb Redheads Who Have Dyed Their Signature Hair (PHOTOS)

These seven redheads will show you why anything blondes can do, we can do better. Even with a blonde hair color, she looks divine in a red, blonde mixedsluts wife she goes too blonde, she loses something in redheaded red dress.

julie durda bikini

And red is not the redheaded statement lip color redheads can pull off. Ever seen a redhead rock a pink lip?

Redheaded Dad / Blonde mom = ???

I know, I know—typically, redheads are taught to avoid pink. I know I have been my whole life. Pink is just one redheaded those colors better suited for a blonde or brunette, right? So, which redheaded you think suits blonde better?

7 Celeb Redheads Who Have Dyed Their Signature Hair (PHOTOS)

I remember redheaded a mental note for blonde that white dresses did redheaded look good with fair skin. However, that is not actually true! Just look at the difference a sleek red ponytail can make over the blonde blonde ponytail Amy wore in the movie. Another color I have avoided most of my life is yellow. I was blonde the impression that, like pink, yellow clashed blonde my red blonde, and, like white, yellow washed out redheaded fair skin.

It took one photo of Jessica Chastain on the cover of Vogue to completely change my opinion.