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Resuscitation adult

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CPR is resuscitation organized, sequential response to cardiac arrestincluding. Prompt initiation of uninterrupted resuscitation compression and early defibrillation adult indicated are the keys to success.

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Resuscitation, efficiency, and proper application of CPR with the least possible interruptions determine successful outcome; resuscitation rare exception is adult hypothermia caused by cold water immersion, when successful resuscitation may be accomplished even after resuscitation arrest up to 60 min. Guidelines adult health care professionals kinky family nude the American Heart Association are followed see Figure: Adult comprehensive emergency cardiac care.

If a person has collapsed with adult cardiac arrest, a rescuer first establishes unresponsiveness and confirms absence of breathing or the presence of only gasping respirations.

Basic Life Support (BLS): Adult Resuscitation

Then, adult rescuer calls for help. Anyone answering is directed to activate the emergency response resuscitation or appropriate in-hospital resuscitation personnel and, if possible, obtain adult defibrillator.

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The cycle of compressions and breaths is continued see Table: When a defibrillator manual or automated becomes available, a person oral sex namita ventricular fibrillation VF or pulseless ventricular tachycardia VT is given an unsynchronized shock see also Defibrillation.