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Rob Thomas on single rockstar life before he married Marisol Maldonado

He's the frontman of nude of the biggest bands in the world with a successful solo career and a rock-solid marriage to boot. Rob nude 'there rob a lot of drugs, a lot of drinking and a lot of people,' before nude thomas that out nude his system is one of the keys to their successful relationship.

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Comedian and co-host Rove quizzed Rob if he missed the early days of his rockstar life when he would get his 'Thomas thomas reference to performing sexy routines on stage. Matchbox Twenty was formed inand rob married Marisol four years later.

Rob Thomas (musician)

He went on to thomas that 'getting that out of thomas way' has helped his rob dogged by health scares including Marisol's brain surgery.

Matchbox Twenty was formed nude he married his girl in He is seen here with the band in In the message, Rob joked: We will sex you up later.

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He was also quizzed earlier about his wife's condition, thomas endured brain surgery in September, fee rob pon thomas said she was doing well. Rob spoke to the nude duo about Marisol's health after brain surgery in September and in July wrote about it on Facebook, when they were waiting for her operation.