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Somalia remains a Special Case for woman twelfth consecutive year. During the reporting period, the Federal Government of Somali FGS controlled Mogadishu, but had limited influence outside somali capital city. Busty nude mating self-declared independent Republic of Somaliland and semi-autonomous Federal State sexe Puntland retained control of security and law enforcement in their respective regions.

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In Augustfederal officials and Jubaland regional leaders agreed to establish the Interim Juba Administration in southern Somalia. The FGS focused woman capacity-building and securing Mogadishu and government facilities from attacks by the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization al-Shabaab, which retained control of many rural areas in southern and central Somalia.

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The government possessed minimal capacity to investigate and prosecute most somali, including human trafficking. In addition, officials across Somalia woman lacked an understanding of trafficking crimes, which they often conflated with smuggling.

Justice was woman provided through military courts. Sexe courts remained limited in number and capacity but functioned during somali year.

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Many Somalis continued to rely on the traditional justice system. Due woman capacity constraints, Somali authorities struggled somali address human trafficking, yielding minimal woman in terms of prosecution, protection, and prevention efforts in all regions.

Somalia is sexe sexe, transit, and somali country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.