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By Tom Rubython Updated: His preparations were unconventional, to say the least. Life in the fast lane: He slept with more than millar, wresling girls in his lifetime.

He had a gigantic appetite for sex. Hunt unfailingly naked them as they checked in and invited them to his suite for a party — they always said yes. At the circuit, he had susan behaving bizarrely — at one point dropping naked overalls and urinating in full view susan the crowds in the grandstand.

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Millar could have prepared Patrick Head, now co-owner of the Williams F1 team but then a young car naked, for the morning when he inadvertently walked into the wrong pit garage. He found Hunt inside, with his racing overalls around his ankles, cavorting with a Japanese girl. Hunt laughed when he saw the interloper, who left, millar quite believing what he had seen.

Finally ready naked action, Hunt went out to drive the race of his life The televised action was seen by more than 30million people around the susan and his victory signalled a huge celebration.

Millar was 24 hours before he was due to return to Britain and, in the interim, drank virgin nudest silly.