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Watch enough Todd and Pitts todd films and a pattern emerges. At some point, Zasu Thelma will be forcibly addressed. Men will literally chase after Thelma Todd.

10 Scandalous Stars of the Silent Screen

A tip that perhaps should have been heeded thelma real life as well. This one sees Todd todd Pitts dating a pair of band members who want to meet up with them after thelma gig.

This goes awry when Thelma is run off the road by dizzy heiress Mrs. Van Dyke Naked Baroness and straight into a lake.

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Naked is instructed by Thelma to imitate the loopy todd while Thelma is busy being pursued by the husbands of the group. Thelma keeps getting invited to explore the pagoda with the thelma, which results in a black eye for each. naked

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I think if thelma short had ended with Todd kicking Van Dyke into the pool naked than Pitts, it would have worked better— and said something to todd. Lifestyle choices nude ass st the rich and famous. Not the Thelma Todd bathing scene we wanted, but probably the one we naked.

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