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Plate 2, for example, is enlivened with three bald and naked combatants, naked a fourth figure grasping his hair or wig with both hands illus. Perhaps we are to imagine that he is escaping from the melee below.


The central wrestler is having the best of it, for he has a headlock on one victim and is choking the other. The scene itself gives no clear clue as to why one man is treating his companions so nastily.

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The xxx water women suggests clouds, and young the group would appear to be suspended in, or falling through, the sky. The text offers little help.

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U of California P, Rose, and Young J. Blake Heroick Poemhinting that the blake men are personifications of Horror, Amazement, and Despair: Foster Damon, William Blake: His Philosophy and Symbols London: It is possible, but naked from certain, that Blake suggested or approved of these additions by his friend, but at the very least Cumberland seems to be blake naked the iconography of bald nudes discussed here.

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Horror, Amazementand Despair appear In all the hideous forms that Mortals fear. Prophet Against Empirerev. Anchor Books,