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Photograph of Two Clergymen Embracing image size: This is one in a series of Polaroid transfers made by the artist Mark Youngnudemen using larger format Polaroid film in the mid s.

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Mark Beard has been painting figures - the male figure, in particular - for the past four decades. His classic depiction of the male body youngnudemen based on drawing and painting youngnudemen live models as well as photographic images. For collectors who are already familiar with Beard's oil paintings, you will be delighted to discover that Beard's approach youngnudemen photography encapsulates the youngnudemen href="">silly adult jokes sensuality that is at the root of all youngnudemen his other work in painting, drawing and sculpture.

Each painting style is chubby licking naked different from the next, so it remains entirely believable that the work could stem from youngnudemen completely different people of different time youngnudemen and different schools of thought.

With youngnudemen background in set design, Beard has always been one who could conjure total magic with anything available.

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For this exhibit, he returns as the beloved 20th century painter from England, Bruce Sargeant, youngnudemen a parade of Arcadian scenes suggesting youngnudemen of young men sporting in the countryside, rowing, bicycling, hunting youngnudemen wrestling. Clean shaven, well youngnudemen youths pose casually, indulging every opportunity to display a titillating flex of stone-like musculature.

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Like modern Youngnudemen statues, Beard paints these prestigious figures oftentimes in pairs of twos and threes in a lazy state of beautiful passivity. Mark Beard keeps himself fresh with challenge, undertaking ambitious commissions and committing to weekly sketch sessions with live models in his Manhattan studio. The result of this dedicated youngnudemen is youngnudemen stunning array of graphite and conte crayon drawings on Arches paper. Mark Beard has exhibited youngnudemen Carrie Haddad Gallery for nearly twenty years and there has never been a dull moment.

Bottom Right Signed and Dated. Mark Allsexphoto Bruce Sargeant